​-Implementation of full day Kindergarten.    Finding ways to fund within budget.
-Supporting our schools to make sure they have resources necessary to compete and achieve a higher level of academic success.      
-Encourage our legislature to increase Chapter 70 funding to Chelmsford or provide more state lottery money. 

Economic Development Through Sustainability

-Focus on improving dilapidated and underutilized commercial buildings.
-Encourage projects that enhance community features:

                -Increased greenery & setbacks
                -Walking & Biking Trails
                - Sidewalks
​                - Access to Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
                -Improvement to public parks, playgrounds and open space

- Encourage new business to reinvest in old buildings
- Renovate and re-use existing buildings on 129, 3A and Rt 110
-Add valuation to commercial buildings to increase CIP tax base and reduce taxes
on residential homes.
Regionalization, Long Range Planning and Strategic Budget Control
- Identify and group resources with other communities to save tax dollars such as:
                - Regionalizing 911 Call Center
                - Regionalizing Energy Aggregation
- Provide clear goals and strong direction to the town manager

- Work with finance committee and Master Plan to look at town budget priorities

- Improve government efficiencies and processes with a focus on quality to save tax payers money
Increasing volunteerism, communication & government education

 -Implement a student government day with the schools to provide students with a knowledge of what government does and an opportunity for a career track.  

-  Be a strong advocate for all residents
-  Be open and available to discuss all issues during open office hours
-  No issue is too small and all ideas are welcome
-  Report back on the best way to improve and solve issues

About Joe Ready 

  • Education
  • Sustainability
  • Increased Volunteerism 
  • Service above self. 
  • Economic Development
  • Regionalization
  • Strong Advocate for Residents


My Values